•         As president of Romanian Folklore Choreographers Association (ACAFR) Theodor Vasilescu organized the Folklore Dance Academy. By graduating the 4 year courses of the academy, a student, after passing the final examination, can be confirmed as having the basic knowledge to develop his activity as dance teacher or choreographer specialized in Romanian folk dances. The Academy is a private form of education, belonging to the association. 
    Applicants are Romanians or persons from other countries, interested in improving their knowledge in Romanian folklore and folk dance.
    During the 4 years, in the Dance Academy, the students receive theoretical (knowledge in ethnography, music, studies of costumes, traditional life and customs, etc.) and practical courses regarding dance styles in different counties of Romania, dance notation and collection of live folklore in various villages. Each year of study consists of 2 learning sessions of 10 days each, one in autumn and one in spring, and a self-study theme that has to be prepared between the two sessions.

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