Research & Archive


  • Theodor was not born in a village. He got acquainted to the Romanian village traditional life as a consequence of his hobby for folk dance. Due to his attraction towards folk dance, at the age of fifteen he was already dancing in a folk dance ensemble. Several years later he became the coreographer of this ensemble.
    Since his contact with the folk dance he started methodical studies of the village dance, of the traditional life, of the rituals and the customs in the Romanian villages. At the begining he wrote all information in a literary way and noted down the choreographical material in his own system. This activity guided him soon to lead the choreographic department at the National Center for Preservation and Promotion of Folklore. In this position he continued to collect traditional dances but also he encouraged encounters between various peasant dance groups at folklore festivals and other occasional gatherings. When he bought his first Panasonic video camera all his work became much easier. In this way he created his vast archive, at the very beginning only by writing and later by recordings on videotapes.
    Now the whole archive is recorded on DVDs and can  be consulted at „Centrul Judeţean Sibiu pentru Conservarea şi Promovarea Culturii Tradiţionale” –

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