• As a traditional dance researcher, Theodor knows that a folklore dance is motivated by traditional occasions such as weddings, Sunday gatherings, ritual or ceremonial events, etc. In this respect, he avoids reducing his choreographies only to the reproduction of some dances or steps. He follows the principle of recreating the atmosphere of the original event.
    So, Theodor’s dance suite is not a sequence of various dances, randomly chosen, but is a picture of a traditional cycle in the village life. Often, he chooses a custom or a ritual to be the base for the stage production, which offers more possibilities to alternate dances with songs and ceremonial actions.
    His main activity is creating choreographies reflecting the traditional life of the Romanian villages.
    As choreographer, he also stages dances from other ethnical fields. In Amsterdam - the Netherlands, by reproducing Pieter Bruegel’s paintings, Theodor created a choreography showing the life of peasants from the 16th century. In Montreal - Canada, he created and staged a series of Canadian winter tales, besides numerous Romanian and Canadian folk dances.